We were the first Coaches on Rookie

We started by coaching, and ended up creating a platform of our own.


We’re a passionate team who believes that one to one coaching will always be the best way to learn.

We’re a Bloom Ventures backed startup with a growing user base of coaches and athletes.

In 2014, Simon was approached by an athlete who wanted his help with his basketball training. Since they lived on different sides of the country, Simon suggested that he send him videos of himself doing specific drills. Not only did the athlete send in his videos but he recruited three more athletes who wanted to do the same.

The interest was growing but the process to coach someone online didn't make any sense. Simon fumbled with different video editors, payment collection tools and messaging apps all to give feedback on a short video clip.

Rookie was founded to solve all of these problems, which happened to be shared by all trainers thinking of offering online programs.

Coaches and trainers should only have to focus on what they do best while Rookie does the rest.

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We’re growing, and we’re looking for talented people who can make one on one training better.

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